Fluoroquinolones represent a class of antimicrobial which is most important in the treatment of severe and invasive infections in humans and animals and are therefore of special interest for public and animal health.

Advocin, Baytril, Enroxil and Marbocyl belong to the Fluoroquinolone group.

In human medicine there is an emerging pattern of increasing antimicrobial resistance to flouroquinolones particularly in the case of Salmonella typhimurium which causes food poisoning in humans.

Multi antibiotic resistance is a major problem in the case of Salmonella typhimurium infections in humans.

The use of Fluoroquinolones in animals is the subject of an ongoing review in the EU. There is a risk that EU legislation could, in the future, restrict or even ban the use of Fluoroquinolones in Veterinary Medicine.

It is recommended that we review our use of Fluoroquinolones on each farm and where practical use an equally efficient alternative antibiotic.

Where possible, Fluoroquinolones should only be used where the results of Laboratory investigations have indicated that there is no alternative efficient antibiotic available.