ldcastle Laboratories provides specialist pig veterinary services to an Irish and international clientele. The practice services the intensive and highly efficient Irish pig industry, both north and south, and in addition provides a consultancy service to pig breeding companies, feed compounders and government agencies.

Managing Director Noel T. Kavanagh MVB, DPM, MBAE, CertPM, MRCVS specialises in the area of pig herd health programme formation and disease prevention and control. Disease control and eradication programmes are formulated using a variety of techniques: depopulation/ repopulation, partial depopulation and disease control by modification of existing production systems, strategic medication and vaccination are all operated. Medicine usage and cost benefit analyses are aided by the use of computerised spreadsheet programmes.

Noel is a well known internationally, having lectured extensively all over the world at international conferences. He has published extensively in scientific journals, conference proceedings, veterinary and industry journals and publications. He is a registered pig specialist with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Field trials are carried out on a regular basis for the purposes of registration of new products, efficacy assessment and cost benefit analysis. Where appropriate, these trials are carried out to international Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards. Statistical analysis can also be carried out.

The consultancy service is supported by the diagnostic and analytical laboratories with the objective of providing a complete veterinary, agricultural and laboratory service to clients. A wide range of bacterial isolates are stored and are available to be used for the purposes of establishing Minimum inhibitory concentration values for anti-microbials.