Vet Newsletter March 2011

The benefits of vaccinating sows as part of an overall Salmonella control programme have been demonstrated in many publications. Vaccination stimulates protective maternal antibodies proven to provide temporary protection for piglets up to 6-10 weeks of age.

This can result in reduced levels of circulating salmonella in the farrowing and weaning areas., thus providing benefits further down the line to the finisher stage. If Salmonella is a problem in your or your client’s Herd, Oldcastle Laboratories can manufacture a vaccine using specific strains isolated from your farm.For Guidelines on method of sample collection click link below.

With the enormous cost of Salmonella control to the food industry as a whole, the benefits of reduced circulating levels on your farm are very real. The corresponding reduction in Salmonella category for your herd will not only lessen the cost burden on industry but will lessen the extra planning that accompanies the end-of- day slaughter of fatteners from Category 3 herds.