Microbiological Testing

Oldcastle Laboratories offers a range of microbiological testing adapted from ISO international
methods.These methods ensure testing results fulfill the food testing requirements set out in the
European Commision Regulation (EC) No 2073/2005. Results will be issued within agreed turnaround
times and collection of samples can be arranged if required.

At Oldcastle Laboratories we aim to provide an accessible, efficient, quality assured testing
service which fulfills your regulatory and quality assurance testing needs. We aim for the highest
possible standards in every aspect of our testing and we are committed to continually improving
our service. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your testing requirements.

ISO 17025 Accreditation

In February 2012 Oldcastle Laboratories was accredited to the ISO 17025 standard by the Irish
National Accreditation Board for  Salmonella Testing. This is an  international accreditation and
is a further guarantee of the service provided here at Oldcastle Laboratories.

The scope of this accreditation covers Dairy and Food products, animal feeds, swabs and animal
litters. As well as being suitable for those required to test food samples under European
commission regulations, this test also fulfills the requirements of the Department of
Agriculture’s Poultry Salmonella Regulations.