Sheep Welfare Scheme 2020




  • Oldcastle laboratories Ltd comply with the Vetqas Parasitology Proficiency Testing (PT0114) for laboratory number 1340 – Oldcastle Laboratories and are therefore granted approval by DAFM to carry Faecal Egg Samples under the 2020 Sheep Welfare Scheme.



  • The Sheep Welfare Scheme requires participants with Lowland flocks to carry out a minimum of 2 Faecal Egg Counts per annum between 1st June 2020 and 30 September 2020.



  • For Hill Flocks 1 Faecal Egg Count  must be carried out on lambs within 4 weeks post weaning, depending on farming practices this can be any time throughout the scheme year.



Click Here to Download SWS Submission Form : SWS Submission Form


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