Submission Forms

No samples will be accepted without the appropriate submission form filled out in full. This can be emailed in advance or sent with your sample(s).


For Submission of Water Samples:

4600 – Rev 000 – Water Chain of Custody Portrait

For Submission of Faeces (Dung), Serum, Plasma, Whole Blood or Milk Samples:

4519 – Rev 002 veterinary Sample Submission Form

General Sample Submission Form (Feed / Silage / Grass etc):


4377- Rev 005 Sample Submission Form

Wart Adjuvanted Antiserum; Disclaimer Required to Begin Production:

Vaccine Disclaimer

Sheep Welfare Scheme Form :

FEC 4 document

(There is No Submission Form Required for BVD Samples)

Please ensure you fill out our terms & conditions page and submit this also.

Find it here: 0002 – Rev 004 Terms & Conditions