Ideally do not sample a field for P and K until six months after the last application of fertiliser P or K or slurry. Where lime has been applied, wait two years before sampling for lime requirements. Sample every three years in intensive farming.

Results of soil analysis are only as good as the sample on which they are based. A sample must be representative of the area sampled. Take twenty cores while walking in a ‘W’ pattern across the sampling area of two to four hectares. Cores should be taken to a depth of approx ten centimetres. Take separate samples from areas that are different in soil type, previous cropping history, drainage or persistent poor yields. Avoid any unusual spots such as old fences, ditches or drinking troughs.

Soil analysis Pays!

Soil analysis saves money. It avoids wasting lime and fertiliser, while achieving optimum yields by using the required level. It costs money, so take a good sample.



Current Soil Sampling Schemes



Pilot Soil Sampling Programme

National Liming Programme

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