Warts can occur anywhere on the body but are most commonly seen in the head and neck area. Less common but often more important sites include teats and scrotum. Warts vary greatly in shape from almost flat pea-sized lumps to large orange-sized balls on stalks. Cattle are usually otherwise healthy; there are normally no systemic effects. Oldcastle Laboratories can manufacture a wart adjuvanted antiserum specific to your herd which provides effective control, in many cases against viral papillomatosis in cattle.

To manufacture a wart autogenous antiserum we require 5g of wart material from an affected animal. This will provide sufficient material for the manufacture of vaccine for up to 10 animals. If larger volumes of the antiserum are required then a larger amount of sample is required and the vaccine is available in bottles that cover up to 10 animals.

If this is an issue in your herd, give us a call on 049 8541160 and we can talk you through the process!